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Easy to install, and even easier to customize.

With no database or CMS to setup, it's a cinch to install! Klaveer is easily configured using simple HTML. All you need is a hosting service with PHP - and that's not hard to find!

Designed with today’s newest tools in mind.

Built on the Mootools™ Javascript framework, Klaveer is very SEO friendly, and what's even better is that Klaveer is fully supported by Apple's iPhone® and iPad®.

Modify what you need, as much as you like.

Klaveer is released as an Open Source template, allowing designers the opportunity to use Klaveer for client projects - all that is required is that the limited Terms of Use are followed!

Meets with full W3C web standards compliancy.

The template meets with all of the World Wide Web Consortium's usability standards, making it accessable by as many people as possible.