Over a decade of Professional Experience.

I've always been focused on a creative career, but have followed three roads so far; animation, illustration, and design. Lucky for me, these paths intertwine and cross-over quite often and I don't feel that I've wasted any of my education or experience. On the contrary!

Skills aimed straight at Tomorrow's Technology.

Recently I've been taking part in the discussion surrounding digital publishing and the future of the still image; animation, interactive design, and illustration are converging - which puts my core abilities and experiences front-and-centre. How Serendipitous!

A keen interest in developing User Experience.

Whether it be through Interface Design or Social Connectivity, I'm interested in how users interact with the products I design. Forecasting their needs and building something that's not only easy-to-use but also a FUN experience is a driving goal of mine.

My lifelong passion for
Visual Storytelling.

I've come to the realization that I'm a visual storyteller at heart, and have discovered that this is a great advantage when it comes to my chosen career. A good interactive design has a narrative, tone, and (hopefully) resonates with the user and has a satisfying conclusion!



I'm an interactive art director and illustrator based out of Toronto, Canada with over fifteen years of combined experience working in several creative capacities.

I began my career working in animation for film, television, and the gaming industries. I worked primarily in 2D pre-production as a concept designer and layout artist. AS my skill set broadened, I gained a level of competency in CSS & HTML and a comprehensive understanding of user experience design.

For the last ten years I've worked almost exclusively in the interactive field, acquiring a diverse and comprehensive skill set that allows me to adapt to a variety of situations.

I am currently an Art Director with the award-winning Secret Location, where I work with a dedicated and talented team of professionals; I specialize in "big picture" creative and strategic interactive design, with a focus on user experience.

  • Becel
  • The Canadian Improv Games
  • The Canadian War Museum
  • Global/Shaw
  • Knorr
  • MBNA
  • Pearson Publishing
  • Schick
  • Unspace
  • YTV




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